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1.H.264 technology is providing highly compressed save file and maximized recording time.
2.GUI interface supported. It can be controlled from front panel / mouse / remote controller.
3.Multi motion detection areas.
4.Video backup without stop recording.
5.Max. 120 fps real-time recording frame.
6.Pentaplex function support: Live / Record / Playback / Network / Mobile Phone.
7.Support 4 audio inputs and 4 video inputs synchronously.
8.Remote backup and playback via IE browser.
9.Support Host USB backup.
10.Video player can be saved in the same time with footage backup which is able to playback on PC directly after backup.
11.Recording resolution up to 720x480 D1 resolutions.
12.Humanized design, each channel can set different recording rate, resolution, image quality, contrast, brightness depends on personal preference.
13.Variety setting on recording fps, resolution, contrast, and brightness for each channel depending on user.
14.Adjustable VGA resolution output setting.
15.Under Alarm and Motion pre-recording mode, the pre-recording time can be set separately on each channel.
16.One channel or multi-channel video backup capability.
17.Max. 40 channels connection via IE browser.
18.Backup time frame can be setup for each backup file depending on user's requirement.
19.Email sending when alarm is triggered.
20.Support up to 1 pcs of 2TB HDD for recording capacity.
21.Under the search mode, select the first half of date frame under the date, the playback will start from 00 mins: 00 sec. Select the second half of date frame under the date, the playback will start from 30mins:00sec.
22.Picture-in-picture (PIP) display, choose by single or dual picture display mode.
23.Unlimited zoom range by zoom in capability on selected area under live view and playback mode at anytime.
24.Support external USB flash disk or internal SATA DVD burner.
25.The ability to set each channel in random sequence mode.
26.VGA & VIDEO screen can be adjust in different switching time.
27.Humanized design,backup video recording at quick menu setting. 
28.Ability to select the maximum overwrite time according to personal preference.
29.The capability to adjust screen area to avoid missing image.
30.DDNS server support CCTV DVR's configuration.
31.While DVR is in setting or in playback mode, the playback quality will still remain as the same.
32.The setting of buzzer time for video lose, alarm triggered, HDD failure can be adjust independently.
33.Single channel image display when alarm triggered, split-screen display for multiple channel alarm triggered.
34.D1 resolution image for mobile surveillance.
35.Support iPhone, Black Berry, Android, Symbian and Mobile.